From Policy to Pop Culture: Domestic Workers Own Their Stories

There are more than 2 million domestic workers across the country who take care of what’s most important to us: our homes and our families. Despite doing the work that makes all other work possible, they are often the least valued in our society, their stories pushed to the periphery. 

Making its Sundance debut in the World Cinema Documentary Competition, IGUALADA takes viewers into the life and career of Francia Elena Márquez Mina, Vice President of Colombia, activist, and former domestic worker, who has spent her life and career defying assumptions and challenging the status quo. IGUALADA Director, Juan Mejia Botero, will join labor experts Ai-jen Poo and Greg Kelley, domestic worker leader Sindy Sanchez, and filmmaker Paola Mendoza in an intimate conversation shining a spotlight on the stories rarely seen.

From Policy to Pop Culture: Domestic Workers Own Their Stories will highlight domestic workers as leaders, as organizers, and as a powerful movement that intersects with many of the most pressing social issues of our time. This panel will discuss the rich history and diverse experiences of domestic workers, and how personal narratives, like those of Vice President Marquez, Sindy Sanchez, and others, are not just tools for policy advocacy but also vital in bringing authenticity to on-screen portrayals.


  • Ai-Jen Poo, Executive Director, Caring Across Generations and President, National Domestic Workers Alliance
  • Greg Kelley, President of SEIU Healthcare, Illinois Indiana Missouri & Kansas
  • Sindy Sanchez, Domestic Worker Leader
  • Juan Mejia Botero, Filmmaker and Director of IGUALADA
  • Moderator: Paola Mendoza, Filmmaker and Executive Producer of IGUALADA


Jan 20 2024


3:30 pm - 4:30 pm